FileScan.IO is available as an enterprise grade standalone edition and SaaS cloud solution (coming soon).

FileScanIO Standalone Edition is the entire software application (including the webservice, analysis engines, databases, etc.) deployable on premise or within the infrastructure of your choice. It can be operated in an online or offline mode ("air gapped") and is highly configurable. As the software supports a multi-server architecture, it is possible to analyze a massive amount of files and URLs. Data ingestion is achieved either manually via the webservice UX, via the simple API (see Swagger docs), via configurable file system / E-Mail polling mechanisms or a Chrome extension. No data is shared and your data remains entirely private. Interested? Please reach out to our sales team below to receive more information, such as a technical presentation, data sheets, sizing calculators and price quotes.

FileScan.IO Private Cloud

We offer access to a baseline AMI image that can be used to host recommended EC2 instances within your own AWS account (EU, Frankfurt). Please get in touch to receive cost and throughput estimates, a quote and/or more information.


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