FileScan.IO is a next-gen malware analysis platform with the following emphasis:

  • Providing rapid and in-depth threat analysis services capable of massive processing
  • Focus on Indicator-of-Compromise (IOC) extraction and actionable context
  • Our proprietary Rapid Dynamic Analysis engine is able to outperform traditional sandbox systems

Key Benefits
  • Perform detection and IOC extraction for all common files in a single platform
  • Rapidly identify threats, their capabilities and update your security systems
  • Search your corporate network for compromised endpoints
  • Analyze files at scale without actually executing them
  • Easy reporting for entry level analysts and executive summary
  • Easy deployment (cloud or standalone)
  • Standard report export formats (HTML/PDF/MISP/STIX)

Who we are?
FileScan GmbH is an IT-security company based in Germany. We have a single mission: stopping malware.